MIDNIGHT ROYALE Doppler Shifter :: Color Shifting :: Mirror Powder

MIDNIGHT ROYALE Doppler Shifter :: Color Shifting :: Mirror Powder

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MIDNIGHT ROYALE is a Color Shifting MIRROR POWDER with fantastical Doppler Shifter super powers! Depending upon the angle it goes from Deep Blue to Turquoise to Purple and back again depending upon the angle and the lighting. DRAGON DUST mirror & holo powders are PURE unlike many other brands which cut premium powder pigments with cheap fillers. MIDNIGHT ROYALE Powder gives beautiful mesmerizing results when burnished over gel UV cured nail polish, especially over BLACK Gel Polish. 

Each nail polish shade gives a different effect. Also excellent for use in slime and resin casting or mixed with regular air-dry suspension nail polish base. 

1/2 Gram (about 1/8 Teaspoon) is enough to do a full set of long nails 12 - 25 times. A Teeny Tiny bit goes a LOOOONG WAY. 

*Packed by weight not volume. Bottle may not be completely full if you ordered less than 3 gr.  

** Approved only for lacquer cosmetics such as nail polish, NOT for lips or eyes. fine also for slime and resin casting.