About DragonDust

Dragon Dust is owned and operated by a Mom and a Fashion Designer. We are out of Los Angeles, CA. Our Brand Ambassador is a very talented 13 year old girl who is in charge of all the samples and slimes. We aim to offer all kinds of high quality pigments, DIY tools and supplies, products made with pigment and bases for DIY projects. Dusty Dragon is our Mascot.

DRAGON DUST Mica Pigment Powder is Highest Quality Pure Skin Safe Mineral Mica with a beautiful reflective shimmer quality. It is an FDA-Approved, Cosmetic Grade Mineral Mica Pigment Set of 25 Hand-Picked Colors in double bagged 4 gram Packets. Set contains a Full 100 grams of Vibrant Shimmer, Metallic, Pearlescent and Rainbow Colors + Craft Use Tips & Scooper. Dragon Dust Mica can be used for Coloring Soap,  Bath  Bombs,  Make  Up, Nail Polish, Nail Art Paint, Slime, Blown Glass, Resin Cast Art & Jewelry, Acrylic Paint, Oil Paint, Faux Finishing Paint, Lipstick, Lip Balm, Lip Gloss, Lotion, Liquid Hand Soap, Shower Gel, Pressed Eyeshadow, Face Paint, Body Paint, as Loose Eyeshadow, Blush and Lip Color & Myriad other DIY Arts, Crafts & Creations. Vegan, Stainless & Cruelty Free. 

SOAP MAKING: Mica Powder Pigments are Perfect for Soap Making and when used as Soap Dye and Soap Colorant. This pigment adds a rich vibrant color and shimmer to, especially, clear melt & pour soap and clear hand soap and shower gel soap. Create unlimited outstanding and unique shade combinations of handmade soaps with Dragon Dust 25 Shade Set. 

BATH BOMBS: Add to DIY Bath Bomb Mix and burnish on Surface for Shimmer Effect. Make sure to add Polysorbate 80 to mix for colorant emulsification. Mica Powder is a key Bath Bomb Ingredient. 

SLIME: Create show stopping metallic effect slime with just a pinch of Dragon Dust Mica. Make your slime stand out and shimmer in the light with bright rainbow and metallic shades included in this set. The possibilities are unlimited when mixing and combining the 25 shades in this set. For the most vibrant results fold Mica Powder into CLEAR Slime after it is fully congealed. 

NAIL ART: Mica Powder makes AMAZING DIY Nail Polish. Simply mix the Mica in with a clear Nail Polish base. (For best results use a Mica Suspension Nail Polish Base.) It is also perfect for all types of Nail Art when mixed with clear polish or used as Nail Art Mirror Powder burnished over newly cured black Gel Nail Polish.

EYE SHADOW: Mineral Mica is what Eye Shadow is made of. Never waste money on expensive eye shadow again. To make DIY Pressed Eye Shadow just mix Dragon Dust Mica with a pressed cosmetic binder and press into eye shadow pans. As a loose Eye Shadow Powder or even as Blush Powder and can be applied directly to the skin, over an eye shadow primer or over foundation, since it is Skin Safe and 100% Cosmetic Grade Pigment. Perfect for DIY MakeUp Makers.

LIP GLOSS, LIPSTICK & LIP BALM: All 25 Dragon Dust Mica shades are approved for Face, Lips, Eyes. It can be mixed directly into any clear Lip Gloss, Lip Balm or Lipstick Base to create gorgeous lip products with bold colors and a touch of shimmer. The “Diamond Mine” sparkle Mica in this set especially adds a touch of elegance to any lip gloss or balm. This set also contains a lovely  “18k Rose Gold” shade which compliments any skin tone. For a quick DIY Lip Gloss that shimmers, just tap a tiny bit of Mica Powder into any clear lip gloss tube with a flat toothpick and mix with wand. The possibilities are endless. Stop wasting money on expensive lip glosses, just get clear and make your own. 

FACE PAINT, BODY PAINT: Mica Powder is excellent for face painting. It can be mixed with a skin safe balm for a creamy paint or it can be applied with brush or applicator in a powder form over any cosmetic primer, to face and body. Dragon Dust is Skin Safe and Cosmetic Grade. It can also be used to create shimmery temporary tattoos by applying a skin adhesive through a stencil, then rubbing the Dragon Dust over after the adhesive dries. 

GRAPHIC ART, PAINTING, SCRAPBOOKING: Mineral Mica can be added, mixed, combined or applied over any paint, tacky glue or glaze for dazzling effects. 

FAUX FINISHING, GLASS BLOWING, RESIN CASTING: The list goes on and on and on for what Mica can be used for. Faux Finishers can burnish it on furniture and frames or mix it in with glazes. Glass blowers can mix it with molten glass for beautiful effects. Resin casters and Resin Jewelry Makers can mix it directly into 2 part resin for dazzling effects. It can even be mixed in Epoxy. 

DRAGON DUST Pure Mineral Mica Pigment is safe, although we do recommend adult supervision for children under the age of 12. It is Non-Toxic, Skin Safe, Cosmetic Grade, Quality Controlled, Cruelty Free, FDA Approved and Vegan. A Must-Have for all Soap Makers, Crafters, Slime Makers, Scrapbookers, Make Up Artists, DIY Cosmetic Creators and Nail Art Enthusiasts.