30g ARCHANGEL #301
30g ARCHANGEL #301

30g ARCHANGEL #301

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SHADE SHIFTING Multi-Tone Cosmetic Glitter with a Fiery Sparks of Green, Orange, Yellow, Gold, Red and Pink; A very fine glitter ARCHANGEL Multi-Tone Shade Shifter #301. Slightly chunky texture, translucent shimmery, metallic finish. Super Sparkley. 





DRAGON 🐉 DUST Pure Mineral Mica is terrific for use in Soapmaking, Slime Making, Bath Bomb Making, as Gel Nail Mirror Powder, for Nail 💅🏼 Polish making and ALL 💄 DIY Cosmetics. Totally Skin Safe and ideal for use as Loose Eyeshadow, for making Pressed Eye 👁️ Shadow, as Lip 👄 Shimmer, Body Paint, Face 👩🏻‍🎤 Paint, MakeUp Art, Nail Art, as Highlighter, Loose Blush and more. Perfect for creating Resin Castings and Epoxy Art, mixing with clear medium for Faux Finishing and Fine Art Painting. The possibilities are 🌈 UNLIMITED. 

Approved for use in all cosmetics without restriction.